Yoshida Eye Hospital

Greetings from the Director of Yoshida Eye Hospital.

At Yoshida Eye Hospital we do our best to give you with clear explanation about the Symptoms of your eye disease and the details of the treatment options which available to you.
We can provide you with good-quality medical treatments.
We strive to care for you so that your needs are satisfied.

Not just one doctor will oversee your treatment and surgery, but we work along with the best ophthalmology specialists who give the most advanced medical care in Japan.

Every day we commit to providing the best health care services for our clients bringing them into a brighter future.

Chair of the Board of Directors Genyu Yoshida


Previous year's results(2021)



Cataract surgery


Vitreous surgery


Glaucoma surgery


Corneal transplant surgery


Our Doctors

Chair of the Board of DirectorsGenyu Yoshida

Medical license acquisition : 10/1961
Specialist certification : 4/1988
Genyu Yoshida

Hospital DirecterShinichiro Yoshida

Medical license acquisition : 5/1985
Specialist certification : 10/1990
Shinichiro Yoshida

Assistant DirectorKosuke Sato

Medical DirectorTakumi Ishikawa

DoctorYuta Tezuka

DoctorTomoko Yoshida

DoctorYuki Kamata

Guidence equipment

Building construction


4-story reinforced concrete

Land total area

Land total area 2,747.41㎡ (Clinick area 2,250㎡ / Administration Building 150.73㎡ / Building total area 3,005.1㎡)

The number of beds which can be admitted


Parking Capacity

・First parking : 24 ・Second parking:59

Building construction

First floor

Examination room , Laser therapy room , Examination room of special outpatient , Treatment room , Inspecting room , Visual performance examination room , Pharmacy , Office , Information desk , Waiting room

Second floor

Hospital room , nurse station , Drug information room , Conference room , Rehabilitation room , Patient' dining room , Restroom , Patient' Bathroom

Third floor

First operating room , Seconf operating room , Inpatient care room , Hospital room , nurse station , Recovery Room , Shampoo assistance room

Fourth floor

Medical office , Doctor room , Multipurpose hall , Lounge


  • Doctor : 6
  • Supervising pharmacist:2
  • Nursing office : 22
  • Practical nurse : 10
  • Assistant:2
  • Examination office:9
  • Business office : 13
  • Registered Dietitian : 1
  • Driver : 2
  • Cleaning sfaff : outsourcing
  • Cooking Staff : outsourcing

Transportation guide

About the use of bus

Yoshida Eye Hospital operate a free shuttle bus and a free pick-up bus.

You can get on and off for free if you present your patient registration ticket of Yoshida Eye Hospital.

disabilities or for those who are ill or injured, If you need any support, please let us know.

Free shuttle bus service

Free shuttle bus goes on around in Hakodate city. You can take without a reservation.
Free shuttle bus service

The free pick-up bus service

The free pick-up bus is available to patients who live in the suburbs of Hakodate, or difficult to come to the hospital by one's self.
Please make sure to book it in advance if you need.
The free pick-up bus service
2-31-8 Hondori, Hakodate, Japan 041-0851
We have two parking lots. However Spaces and limited.
We recommend to use our bus services or public transportation,especially weekdays Morning and Saturday.